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MATING OPEN February 20 thru March13

REMEMBER: YOUR INK SPIRIT CAN ONLY HAVE ONE MATE (you are allowed to divorce, but it is frowned upon in ink spirit society if there is not a good reason given)
So, this is baby week! Meaning: you can pick a mate and have two baby inklings  per mating pair each mating season!


MIXED elements:
Light is recessive trait
Shadow is more Dominant
Fire is Dominant
Water is recessive
Forest is Dominant 
Lightening is Dominant
Earth is recessive
Ice is Dominant
Desert is Dominant
Undead is recessive
Tabula ink spirits Recessive
Fairy or Antifairy is recessive
Parasite is recessive
so for example if you have an Earth and Lightening pair, thier offspring would be Lightening
If you had a Light and shadow pair thier offspring would be shadow
If you have a water and Light pair, you may choose either to have light or water offspring (NO HYBRIDS!!!!!)

How to decide the traits the baby has?

The new inkling (baby ink spirit) is allowed to have as many rare, common, or uncommon traits that the parents have. For example, say the mother ink spirit has one rare trait, and two uncommon traits, and the father has one uncommon trait. That meant that the resulting inkling can have one rare trait and 3 uncommon traits!


If you have a forest and light pair, you may have either forest, or fairy
if you have a forest and shadow pair you may have forest or antifairy
if you have a forest and water you may have a forest or water or parasite
those with a Fairy or antifairy parent may produce one light or shadow ink spirit


Only ice and Desert are born with their paint brush tails, the rest are born without them. They will get them around 3 years of age. Ink spirits are born as darker shades of thier adult colors (to hide from predators) or black. They have the marks of thier element (and mask in ice spirits case) and required characteristics like whiskers in the case of earth for example.

How to get one:

Apply here RIGHT NOW with a mate (in other words, comment below with your mating pair)
Draw your inklings (you get either one or two)
I will approve of it so long as you follow the ink spirit rules!
(you may get more inklings for 20 points)

during the mating season, the females actually temporarily loose their paintbrush


Static (Dark-Spirit-Wings) and Undersee (BandBSketches)
Drac and Violet ( TheGreatMythlover)
Lumin and Laelia ( PetroBeherha )
No name Jet (BandBSketches) and Paine (slayingallhumans)
Vada and Freeze (BandBSketches)
Burn and Fall (BandBSketches)

Geraine Float by GriffelBlood Adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood Stryke Float by GriffelBlood Emerald by GriffelBlood Bermuda Float by GriffelBlood
This journal entry is made to help keep information in one place, and to keep everyone up to date! check this regularly for updates (i will try to reupload it when updates occur, but i am forgetful XD ^^; )

Verkigyo Float Commission by GriffelBloodNews: Mango Pumera Float Commission by GriffelBlood

New journal on how to do XP sheets posted -

Vex Float by BizhenUPDATES:  Toxic transition float Icon by Bizhen

*NEW* COMMENT VAPOR IF YOU WANT THIS NEW TYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
* NEW* Egg mystery adopts come with a condition called Tablei. This means that they are born with their adult colors. Only egg adopts have these. This condition makes it hard to survive, due to such bright colors making them vulnerable to predators at a early age.

Earth ink spirits have been changed! They are now allowed to have either no teeth or two teeth only (two teeth can be placed anywhere in the mouth, and can be fangs if desired)

Forest now change color due to mood. More information on them in the types journal

Curse are for Tabula ink spirits only, get your curses at the shipwreck shop today! 

adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBloodOPEN MYOS:  Price-drop! Adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood

Wind MYO

Adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBloodUpcoming MYOS: adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood

Cyborg ink spirit-June

adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBloodUpcoming new types: adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood

Blood ink-pending
Wind ink-pending
Lunar ink-pending

Types information: and also for pictures:

adoptable! [closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood                                                                                                                                     Adoptable! [Closed] Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood 

Ink Spirit Float Commission 3/3 by GriffelBlood                                                                                                                                  Ink Spirit Float Commission by GriffelBlood

Questions? they might have already been answered! check here:

Laelia Float by GriffelBlood                                                                                                                                   Ink Spirit Float Commission 2/3 by GriffelBlood

Shipwreck shop:

Dyther Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood                                                                                                                                    Crystoy Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood  


Yumi Float by GriffelBlood                                                                                                                                    Potato's Ink Spirit Float by GriffelBlood 

Inky Float by GriffelBloodTrading, seeking, or selling journal here! : Trading Selling or Seeking! Lumin Float by GriffelBlood

Frexen float by GriffelBloodUNDER CONSTRUCTION: Silica Float by GriffelBlood

Shipwreck shop
Ink spirit Restaurant
Hunting grounds
More Journal Entries


(banner by BandBSketches)

Redice Float by BizhenBlood


Lantern Spirits was a small project inspired by the Lantern-Dragons group.
Each spirit now embodies its very own personality and characteristics and has become a wonderful species of its very own!
To get an ink spirit Prices:
- 10 points for a MYO SLOT with common traits
-15 points for a MYO SLOT with common and uncommon traits
-40 points for a MYO SLOT with common, uncommon and rare traits
-20 points for a custom from ashenrisen
all points payable to ashenrisen

Please read on to see how you can get your first Lantern Spirit and many more!

Inky Float by BizhenBlood

All You Need to Know!

Here we have a small guide to all the information that you need to know, to help you get started on owning, using and even designing your very own Lantern Spirit.

Joining the group
If you want to join simply hit the join button on the top of the page and have fun in this world of spirits =)

Group Rules
1) Respect other members and all Admin staff
2) No negativity. We are all friendly and want a friendly atmosphere at all times
3) Make sure to submit your work to the correct folders
4) Art must have at least one spirit in it, but other non-spirits are allowed in the picture
5) All members MUST credit the designer and creator of the group in at least their Lantern Spirits main reference picture. This is not optional!
6) Please use the mature content when applicable!! This again is not optional!

Obtaining a Ink Spirit
Ink Spirits are a :bulletred: CLOSED :bulletred: species so please keep reading to find out the ways to get your very own!

1) Special Events - These come in the form of MYO, Raffles and much more!
2) Adoptables - Please see our gallery folders for all available adopts
3) Guest Designers - Members with permission can create and sell Ink Spirits (with the Founders permission)
4) Customs - Admins sometimes will design a Spirit to YOUR specification! Please note the group with all the information required to create your dream Spirit.
Custom prices vary depending on the rarity of your custom

Silica Float by BizhenBlood


Ink Spirits is a species created by ashenrisen
Group Icon by BizhenBlood

Redice Float by BizhenBlood


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